• Guitar starts/Punk Cord* (00:0–0:001)

check w h i n e, check twooth (00:1–0:02)

ya motha sure is lucky, she had you

she do wncare hair, whatcha thinkn less, its about her

zitits my house, my duty clean yrd, call to doodie, a fkn pity, train you

ive been troubledshootn, youtube, endup pinnedup, shelf expressions

drooling, drunkard, fool,

your push back; tool cruel,


promamamouth too full,

even the cows, l o a t h, vyooooooou (1:08)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (thafuck?!)

Westeyedward blinded,

she dated, random comdumbnumbdrum, pupil

He taught me everythaaaang ;) without we’re consomting adults,

the water hissoyellohello, he’s a high…

Proletry; Proles lets try poetry is decolonial poetry. White people can make anti-colonial poetry, but Proletry is only for people of colour.

1: 100% true stories/events

2: has your decolonial theory

3: a link to music as theme

4: you singing

5: at least 5 forms of poetry

6: a joke

7: a threat

8: a way forward/how we can do better

9: a mfkn riddle!!!

10: includes a battle scenes, romance, comedy, crime and mystery

EXAMPLE: https://mohammedharunarsalai.medium.com/in-any-other-world-this-is-war-79463222cd7e

Some notes, thoughts on “zero point” (which is Xino’s theory, Im just fkn with him), yet to be concretely defined but for/from now I’m going to use “zero point” as the moment that the USA ceases to be a settler colony.

The point here is that all projects and politics built upon a settler colony are in relation to it, making nothing worth keeping, as the foundations and engagement are all built from this relation/ships.

This doesn’t mean throw everything away, it means that the first of ultimate goals is decolonization. From the moment of “zero point”, when the territories…

In the squares, theres one square, a mfkr would not get off it

He’s a prole. *takes last drag off his american spirit, blows the smoke out the side of mouth and straight into his eye* (now tearing up)

I should do another take. Let me wash out my eyes first.

This boy, he doesn't always get it. right, but he has amazing aim. sometimes,

wrong targets :/

And he’s got a problem. well, he has many problems.


the settler/ment

Their settler/ment, they settler/ment, this prole wants to settler matters

But what and who tf is a prole? This…

Marg!! to Borders; the police, all variety of fascists and the ever creeping mother-chasers.

The Afghanistan-Pakistan border did serenade

The communist regime’s favorite

Revolutionary hymns, will his tank crush her?

What if he does & later writes about

Her body parts mangled by tank tracks

Singing the Internationale?

Will the Marxists-Feminists who read his book

Like it? What if that scene in Salt of

The Earth where Ramon fucked up that scab had

Been choreographed to “Fell in Love

in a Hopeless Place,” wasn’t there a Billy Bragg version

“In Oakland’s Internationale”- Would the revolutionary (think) tankies

Ramon or Esperanza been able to walk out together,

there were no kids! except the entire room…

In the year ________, the battle lines were drawn up as clear as could be

the opponents both geared up, wearing armor. and armed,

up in arms, not with open arms! facing off

in any other world,

this is a war.

masks up! masks off! in the streets by the hundreds,

masks up! gloves off!

with the lights out, make it knives out and guns a-fk-n blazin’

both sides, give/take

what’s a casualty or fatality?

Among your friends? and / or is it your family?

their friends OR; they’re friends?!

wait, im lost. whose family?!?!

me too, who- is -family…

By Mohammed Harun Arsalai

It is with great displeasure that we share the news that METAdrasi, a refugee NGO with a track record of ranging from physical abuse to harassment, intimidation to mismanagement has received USD 2 Million as a prize from The Conrad Hilton Foundation. The Conrad Hilton Foundation was informed about METAdrasi by local activists as well from psychologist Lyla Schwartz, who has worked closely with refugees in Greece. The claims / allegations about abuses from METAdrasi and was brushed off by the foundation.

Speaking with Afghan refugees and Afghan activists on the ground in Greece, we confirmed…

US president’s decision to pardon US soldiers who carried out murders in Afghanistan and Iraq is just one way in which Washington avoids accountability for its actions.

Written by Mohammed Harun Arsalai and Humayoon Babur

Originally Published on TRT World

Donald Trump is preparing to pardon several US military members this Memorial Day, including a soldier who admitted to murder in Afghanistan in 2010, according to the New York Times.

According to officials, preparing the needed documents for a military pardon normally takes months to complete, but Trump is rushing the process in hopes to maximise propaganda efforts by using the military holiday on the 27th of May to galvanise his pro-military base

Trump’s effort to pardon Mathew Golsteyn, the Army Green Beret who killed an unarmed…

Written by Mohammed Harun Arsalai

Mohamad Afghan, 26, says it took 12 days to get from his native Afghanistan’s Helmand province to the Turkish city of Istanbul, where he now lives making a meager living as one of the city’s thousands of recycling collectors in bustling Kadikoy district.

“We left Afghanistan into Pakistan, then Iran and made our way through Turkey to Istanbul because the fighting back home left us no option” the undergraduate in Islamic studies told Documenting Afghanistan.

“You either join the Taliban or the Afghan army — there are no other jobs.”

The long hours in the…

Mohammed Harun Arsalai

writing against borders + authoritarianism

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